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SB Packing Catalog Cover Sheet
Table of Contents Page
Autopuller Exploded View and Literature
Rebuild Kits and Wear Parts Page 4
Rebuild Kits and Wear Parts Page 5
Rebuild Kits and Wear Parts Page 6
Autopuller Drive Components Page 7
Autopuller Drive Components Page 8
Autopuller Hydraulic Components Page 9
Autopuller Hydraulic Components Page 10
Autopuller Hydraulic Components Page 11
Autopuller Pneumatic Components Page 12
Autopuller Roller Arm Components Page 13
Autopuller Maintenance Items Page 14
SB Packing House Hydraulic Capabilities Page 15
Common Hydraulic Formula Page 16
Hydraulic Power Unit Worksheet Page 17
Cylinder Worksheet Page 18
Cylinder Force and Speed Chart Page 19
Ball Valves NPT 1000 and 2000 WOG Page 20
Ball Valves Hydraulic Page 21
Cylinder Clevises Page 22
Hydraulic Motors and Conveyor Calculator Page 23
Hyd Directional Control Valves D03 & D05 Page 24
Hydraulic Directional Control Valves D08 Page 25
Hydraulic Flow Controls and Needle Valves Page 26
Hydraulic Heavy Duty Pipe Clamps Page 27
Hydraulic Accessories Page 28
Hydraulic Hose Worksheet Page 29
Infeed Switch Data Sheet Page 30
Walking Beam Data Sheet Page 31
Oil Monitoring System Data Sheet Page 32
Oil Monitoring System Data Sheet Page 33
Pneumatic Components Page 34
Pneumatic Solenoid Valves Page 35
Fibergrate Cover Sheet Page 36
Fibergrate Certifications Page 37
Fibergrate and Fiberplate Data Sheet Page 38
Ergonomic Work Stands and Accessories Page 39
Sinks and Sink Accessories Page 40
Sink Knee and Foot Valves Page 41
458 Chain Trolley Wheels and Chain Page 42
458 Chain Worksheet Page 43
Overhead Rail Components Page 44
458 Take Up and Idler Page 45
Spray Chill Components Page 46
Beef Hide Puller Overview Page 47
Bone / Loin Droppers Page 48
Blank Page for Notes Page 49
SB Packing House Credit Application Pages 50-51
Rear Cover Page 52
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